Reserve Champion Overall 

Sugar Daddy  x  Swagger ​

Grand Champion Market Barrow

Reserve Champion Born and Raised

Berk Boar: 2nd Place

Viper  x  Honeybadger 

Berk Boar: 4TH PLACE

Super Duty  x  King Indy


Southwest Type Conference

Belton, TX  

Champion Berk Gilt Open Show

​Reserve Junior Berk Gilt 

Man Hunt  x  Double Stuff

Berk Gilt: 2ND PLACE

Crusader  x  Black Dog

Thanks to Kevin Howell, TX

for their $900 purchase! 

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National Barrow Show

Austin, MN.

Littermate was named Grand Champion Berk Boar!

Thank you to Smith Farms of Illionis for their $550 purchase!

Thank you to Creason Genetics of Missouri for their $800 purchase!

Berk Gilt: 4TH PLACE

Crusader  x  Double Stuff

Thanks to Tori Lyons, FL

 for their $375 purchase!

2015 Hog College Berk Gilt

Man Hunt  x  Black Thunder 

Pickaway County Fair  

Circleville, OH

Thanks to Kent Brattain and Family for making this $2,150 buy

Thank you to Krona Family Farms for their  purchase!

World Pork Expo

Des Moines, IA

Supreme Champion Overall 

Thank you to Deterding Showpigs, OK for their $900 purchase!

Berk Gilt 40-5 Class WINNER

TNT  x  King Indy

Berk Boar 97-3: 3rd Place

Viper  x  Crusader 

Berk Boar 40-2: 2nd Place

TNT  x  King Indy

Pennsylvania Farm Show

Harrisburg, PA

Reserve Champion 

Berk Gilt Junior Show

Man Hunt x Double Stuff

Fall Classic

Duncan, OK.

Grand Champion Berkshire Boar 

TNT  x  King Indy

Black Dog  x  Power Up

Bred to Man Hunt ​

Congrats to Holloway Genetics on their Champion Gilt! 

Champion Berk Gilt

Man Hunt  x  Black Thunder 

Thank you to Regina Campbell-Crotty, OK for her $2,100 purchase!

Ohio State Fair

Columbus, OH.

Summer Type Conference  

Springfield, Il.

Thank you to Charles Real, Tx for his $2,500 purchase!

Berk Gilt:3rd Place

Wanted  x  King Indy

Special thanks to Prarie State Semen Supply for their $8500 investment!

Thank you to Ed Meers, Il for his $1,600 purchase!

Team Purebred Eastern Regional and Maryland State Fair

Timonium, MD.

Berk Boar: 4TH PLACE

Crusader  x  Black Thunder

Thank you to Tracie Becker, TX

for their $700 investment! 

Berk Gilt 97-8: 4th Place

Viper  x  Crusader 

Champion Spot Barrow

Sired by High Life