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​Reserve Champion Berk Gilt 

Crusade  x  Super Fly 

Berk Boar 50- 4

Class 2 WINNER 

Reserve Barrow Overall Champion Spot Barrow

Man Hunt  x  Viper 

Viper  x  Crusader

Kentucky State Fair 

Louisville,  KY

Crusade x Black Dog 

​Reserve Champion Berk Boar  

Black Dog  x  Superduty

Fall Classic

Duncan, OK 

National Barrow Show  

Austin, MN 

Viper x  Crusader 

​Bred to Drinking Class 

Next Life x Radio Active 

​Reserve Champion Spot Boar  

Congratulations Shelby Anderson!

Congratulations William Jacobs! 

Congratulations Justin Howard!

 Crusade x Viper 

Crusade  x  Taylor Made

Team Purebred Eastern Regional 

Maryland State Fair Timonium, MD

Sired by Hound Dog

World Pork Expo 

Des Moine, IA

Class Winning Spot Gilt 

Madison County, OH

Crusade x  Super Fly 

Berk Gilt 37-8: Class 3   2nd Place

Darke County, OH

3rd Overall Barrow 

Reserve Champion Berk Barrow in Team Purebred and Maryland State Fair  

Berk Gilt 40-4 

Class 4, 3rd Place 

 Non-Typical  x Viper 

​Reserve Champion Crossbred Gilt 

County Fairs

Viper x Super Duty 

Summer Type Conference 

Springfield, Il

Berk Gilt 50-9

Class 2, 2nd Place 

Grand Champion Berk Gilt

Maryland State Fair  

​Reserve Champion Berk Barrow

Sired by Crusade

Champion Gilt Overall 

Champion Berk Gilt 

Grand Champion Berk Barrow ​

​Supreme Purebred Overall

​Reserve Champion Berk Bred Gilt 

Reserve Champion Berk Gilt, Junior Show​

Berk Boar 87-1: Class 5 WINNER

 Drinking Class x King Indy 

Next Life x  Radioactive

Viper x Super Duty 

Congratulations Buddy and Heather Messick ! 

Ohio State Fair 

Columbus, OH 

Delaware State Fair 

Harrington, DE