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Delmar x Believe the Hype

Sir William x Shotgun Wedding

Champion Breeding Gilt

2nd Place, Class 6 Berkshire Gilt 

Bad to the Bone

Bad to the Bone x Non-Typical 

Congratulations William Jacobs!

Champion Berkshire Boar Maryland State Fair 

World Pork Expo

Des Moines, Iowa

Southwest Type Conference 

Belton, Texas

Summer Type Conference 

Springfield, Ill

Open Show

Junior Show

3rd Place, Class 1 Berkshire Gilt 

4th Place, Class 2 Berkshire Gilt 

4th Place, Class 7 Berkshire Gilt 

Blackmail x Man Hunt 

Delmar x Drinking Class

Delmar x Crusade

3rd Place, Class 7 Berkshire Gilt 

Champion Berkshire Gilt

Champion Bred and Owned Berkshire Barrow 

Rough River District Market Show


Fleming County Fair


Maryland State Fair/ Team Purebred Eastern Regional 

Timonium, MD

Champion Market Hog

Congratulations William Jacobs!

Congratulations William Jacobs!

We were honored to have eight class winners!  

Tollesboro Fair