Crusade  x  Honey Badger

Bred by Armstrong Kids, Ill. 

Owned with Greg Smith and family, Colo.

Tigerhawk x Godwin

Our purchase from the 2018 SWTC

Bred by Kylee Brown, IA

Purchased from Justin Brown, IA

Born and raised on the farm! 

Black Out x Shotgun Wedding

Bad to the Bone  

Born and raised by Burnite Mill Show Pigs in Felton, DE 

Owned with Michael Doran and Jake Flohr families 


Thank you Lean Value Sires for your purchase!

Contact LVS for your order. 

Our purchase from the Summer Type Conference, Ill.

Grand Champion Berkshire Boar at the 2016 Maryland State Fair 


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King Indy  x  Viper